White Teeth Themes

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is quite persistent, but get closer and closer. In one scene that starts in what it can look as a pang of jealousy from Andriy, he tells Irina she can't simply smile to any man, as some of them are not good; the mobilfon world -in reference of the likes of Vitaly and Vulk- is full of businessmen buying and selling human souls. Then, he makes an analogy with the Orange Revolution and the West, as he think that in fact they are not different, and a tense discussion starts. Irina and Andriy, Kiev and Donetsk, United States of America and Russian Federation. Mutual accusations about propaganda, nationalism, the old wounds we see reopened now in a military conflict. But in the book the actors really like each other, despite their differences, and they end up with the war with a sudden kiss. Andriy likes her duality, sweet and fierce, and Irina's confused mind let her emotions decide for herself. After all, she is very keen on Tolstoi War and Peace, and this is not too different.

White Teeth's background can seem similar if we only think about the fact that there are immigrants too in its story. But, being migration a common phenomena nowadays, how …show more content…

Like Samad, she feels her roots very intensely, but she does in a clearly different way. It is easier to understand if we imagine these roots as dental ones, the part of a teeth which glues it to the rest of the body. While Samad's roots are firm and inflexible, showing his deep attachment to his culture and familiar heritage, Irie's roots are so warped that she gets hurt when she tries to bite and chew her past, which is her families one. Who is her? A 16 years old black girl of British and Jamaican family who struggles to know who she is, what she want to make for a living and even to find a way to suit her body to the western beauty standards, burning her hair in the process as a result of trying to straighten

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