Bread In The House On Mango Street Analysis

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The effects of belonging to certain areas in Cisneros stories Belonging: “(of a person) fit in a specified place or environment” ( 1). Generally, every person goes through a phase of figuring out who they are and where they belong. Cisneros illustrated what it’s like to question your sense of belonging through Esperanza in the House on Mango Street and through the main speaker in the Woman Hollering Creek. Both of the characters crave to fit in and find their place in life. The vignette “Those who don’t” relates to the short story, “Bread” in the Woman Hollering Creek because they both emphasize the effects of belonging to certain places. “Those who don’t” discusses the outcome of living in the house on Mango Street. Esperanza’s neighborhood mainly consists of Mexican/American residents. Many of the people in her community, including Esperanza’s father, moved from Mexico to America and left everything behind. Since these people left all of their valuables behind, they weren’t as financially well off. “All brown all around, we are safe” (Cisneros 28) This quote describes the races of people who live in Esperanza’s community; Chicanna. Basically everyone in her community is…show more content…
The main speaker and an Italian man, who are presumably in a relationship together, are driving together while eating bread. They pass through familiar roads and have divergent thoughts. “Driving down streets with buildings that remind him he says, how charming the city is” (Cisneros 84). The Italian man has never seen anything like this area before and only judges the city by what he sees; its best front. Unlike the Italian man, the main speaker sees through the completion of the city due to her past experiences. “And me remembering when I was little, a cousin's baby who dies from swallowing rat poisoning in a building like these” (Cisneros
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