Brief Summary Of Darrell Hinton's Case

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Tuesday, August 31th, 2016 at approximately 2:42 p.m., I Detective L. Donegain and Detective M. Wooten conducted a custodial interview of Darrell Maurice Hinton (black male, 12/22/1988 of 1232 Southwood Drive Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304). The interview was conducted at the Police Administration Building. The interview was audio and video recorded and is contained in the case file. The interview was transcribed by Speak Wright and is contained in the case file. The following is a summary of Darrell Hinton’s interview: - Darrell Hinton stated Derrick Robinson aka D-Rock came to his house at about 2 or 3 a.m. - Darrell Hinton stated he and Derrick Robinson walked down the hill to the apartments to purchase some drugs. - Darrell Hinton …show more content…

- Darrell Hinton stated they were outside for about 45 minutes prior to go back to towards his place. - Darrell Hinton stated he was given a shotgun by the guy he did not know and the guy wanted him to carry the gun. - Darrell Hinton stated he was carrying the gun to his apartment for Derrick Robinson. - Darrell Hinton stated as they walked towards his house he noticed four guys come from behind the building. - Darrell Hinton stated he was about a car length away from the guy in white because he slowed down. - Darrell Hinton stated he attempted to run and ducked down behind a vehicle to hide because the guys were shooting. - Darrell Hinton stated he pulled the trigger on the shotgun but it didn’t work. - Darrell Hinton stated he did not shoot the shotgun because he didn’t want to catch a gun charge. - Darrell Hinton stated the red bandanna that was located next to the shotgun was his. - Darrell Hinton stated he attempted to flee and got shot twice in his leg. - Darrell Hinton stated he had a guy run up to him but he did not know who he was. - Darrell Hinton stated he crawled to Miguel’s house for help and was pulled into the house by

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