Brief Summary Of Longstreet's The Battle Of Gettysburg

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Harrison, a Confederate spy, found out that a large group of Union troops were moving north. The Union troops are moving fast and dangerously close to the Confederate army. Harrison returns in the middle of the night to the Confederate camp Longstreet was laying in his tent, watching the rain and thinking about his dead children. His aide, Sorrel, arrives, and tells him that the spy who is named Harrison has just arrived . longstreet came to meet harrison and the spy told his discovery to General Longstreet. Longstreet was doubtful at first, but then Harrison convinces him that he has actually seen the Union troops coming to them. Longstreet quickly wakes up General Lee who is the commander of the Confederate army. Then he remembers to tell Longstreet that the head of the Army of the Potomac has changed: it 's now General Meade, not General Hooker.. Lee is also skeptical, since he has sent General Stuart with his horse to keep an eye on the Union army’s each movements. But Longstreet believes that Stuart is out joyriding. And he had enough of him that he mention when he comes back he would stomp him. After the discussion, Lee deciding to move toward a town called Gettysburg in the morning. When Longstreet rides …show more content…

Kilrain informs colonel Chamberlain that their unit,the Twentieth Maine, has just received 120 men from the Second Maine, because they are disbanded.The men are now being kept under guard, and Chamberlain has orders to shoot any man who does not agree to march. The leader tells him that the mutineers are tired of the war even if they have one more year left. Also the Union generals who has no skills and have been running it, and they want to go home. Chamberlain knows he cannot let them go, but he also cannot bring himself to shoot them. So he had an idea and he did a moving speech which is him asking them to join the Twentieth Maine. All but six men agree to

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