Brown V Board Of Education Essay

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Brown v. Board of Education

The Brown v. Board of Education case was first brought about in 1954 by a plaintiff named Oliver Brown. Brown filed a class-action suit against the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas in 1951, after his daughter was denied access to enter Topeka’s all-white elementary schools. Like many during this time, Brown claimed that schools for black children were not equal to the white schools, and this segregation violated the “equal protection clause” of the 14th Amendment. Segregation brought about many events that resulted in a critical impact on history today. During this time, Brown was not the only person affected by the way African Americans were treated. Considering this, equality was a major concern throughout …show more content…

The 1954 decision found that the historical evidence bearing on the issue was inconclusive. In May of 1955, Warren ordered the district courts and local school authorities to take appropriate steps to integrate public schools in their jurisdictions “with all deliberate speed”. However, public schools in the Southern states remained almost completely segregated until the late 1960s. Segregation in the Southern states became a larger concern than in the Northern …show more content…

Board of Education case is that I support the reason for the case to be filed. I believe that everyone is equal in race and gender. A person should not be denied the rights they are legally given. If you are a U.S. citizen, you are just as equal as the person next to you. It is unfair for one’s opinion to be the reason why an individual does not get an education, transportation, or enter any public facility. There is a reason to argue these points, because segregation violates the basic rights of every U.S. citizen no matter what race they are. Segregation continues to be a momentous concern today. When the Brown v. Board of Education case surfaced, many protests and riots took place, similar to events happening now. Race has been a contradicting subject for centuries that can be up for debate at any time. This case in particular is important to the people of America, because it played a small role in one of the most historic topics mentioned. Segregation is a broad subject that also involves objectives from African Americans not being able to attend many schools, whites owning slaves, or the events of slave trade around the world. Discrimination by race is still one of the major topics discussed to this day. It has been happening for centuries, so its impact on history has shaped how we learn today. The Brown v. Board of Education Court case contributed to this, and it is an important small portion of a persistent

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