Brutus And Marc Antony's Speech In Julius Caesar

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In William Shakespeare 's play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar two speeches one from Brutus a honorable , an a conspirator ,the second speech from antony Cesar 's best friend for the people of Rome .about Caesar 's death in act 3 scene 2. Brutus and Anthony try to sway the minds of the Roman toward their view ,Brutus tries to convince the Roman people that he had to do what 's best for Rome ,.that Caesar was murdered for A noble cause . Brutus and Marc Anthony funeral speech ,their personalities and characteristics were aposit is obvious in the speech . Caesar has just been murdered stabbed to death by his close friends , Brutus who loves him greatly the conspirators have bath their hands and arms on Caesars blood, and have the …show more content…

People agreed and supported him ,steps down he tells the Roman citizens to stay and listen to Marc Anthony ,who arrives with Caesar 's body. Anthony calms the crowd. down and begins his speech agreeing with Brutus , and then cry 's out ( his ambition) and calls the conspirators Honorable Men. starts to persuade the people by saying that the conspirators committed an act of brutality toward ceasar and we 're traitors. Anthony spoke to the emotions of the crowd by crying and talking about all the good things that Caesar did for Rome in a persuasive tone there 's a major difference between the two speeches Brutus was very honorable and Anthony was very persuasive and smart ,Brutus was Honorable in a way that he always told the people the truth ,his speech was real short to the point and spoke to the logic of the people in the crowd for example .Brutus spoke in a dettach way about Caesar 's death . Another hand Antony appears to the citizens feelings right from the beginning he does this asleep because he really does have a strong feelings about the death of his friend and he loves Caesar and hates the conspirators and wants revenge the strongest contrast between the two characters appears to their ability and inability to to

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