Bubonic Plague Speech

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Introduction Greetings, my great and powerful king! It is I, Margaret Stone, I have come to inform you of the troubles of the Black Death. My great great grandfather, Michael of Piazza, was the first to record information on the Black Death. I am writing this to protect you from ever getting this terrible, terrible disease. I, myself, have never gotten such thing, because God has decided to protect me and the rest of my family, for we have always been a model family. But, one day, as I was looking around in my convent and I was deeper in than I had ever imagined I could go. And then, I saw it, the shiny, red, leather diary. I spent days reading through my great great grandfather’s journal, learning more about the Black Death than I ever thought…show more content…
This is a very important aspect of the Black Death, for, of course, you can’t know to find cures for the Black Plague if you don’t know that that is indeed what you have. In my great great grandfather’s journal, he explains how he helped the sick people, and therefore was able to determine the symptoms of the plague. There are three types of the Black Plague according to his diary. The most common plague is that of the buboes, commonly called the Bubonic Plague. With this version, you die in five days, and you develop flu-like symptoms (like fever, headache, chills, and weakness). But, the most significant part of the Bubonic Plague is that there are very painful egg-sized buboes that grow in the moist places in your body, like your armpits, neck and groin. The second type of the Black Plague is the Pneumonic Plague. This plague is the most dangerous kind because you die in three days, but you get to avoid the agonizing, enormous buboes. Soon after you are exposed to the plague, you begin to develop pneumonia-like symptoms (like fever, chills, chest pain, coughing blood, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea). The third kind of plague is the Septicemic Plague, which is the least common of the three. In this type, the most common symptom is tissues dying and turning black. Other symptoms also include fever, weakness, abdominal pain, chills, and shock. Look out for these symptoms,…show more content…
There are many ways people would prevent themselves from dying of this dreadful, dreadful disease. One main way people would save themselves is by begging for mercy from God. Because, as we all know, God is the cause of this, so people, called Flagellants would whip themselves from city to city to punish themselves before God could punish them with the plague. Also, people soon discovered that the plague was airborne which led all sorts of preventions. One of these was pretty simple, just carry flowers around to purify your own air, but that never seemed to be enough, so you might want to take another of these precautions. Another prevention was to go live in the sewers. This is logical because it smells so much in sewers that the disease would never be able to work its way into the putrid, thick air. A prevention that has been proven to work is fire. At the time of the plague outburst, Pope Clement VI built a fire around him, keeping all the foul plague air away from him. This prevention was a success and the pope never caught the plague! There were many sorts of preventions that just took out the bad, full-of-disease blood from the sick patient. Some of these were to have leeches suck your blood or to have chickens or frogs absorb the bad blood. Another way was to use a hot cup to drain all your blood to the top and then to cut
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