Buddhism: Similarities Of Christianity And Buddhism

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Morgan Calabro
Prof. Jenkins
Christianity and Buddhism There are billions of people around the world, millions of years recorded on Earth, and thousands of cultures spread out in hundreds of countries, so it makes sense to see so many religions that have developed and continued to expand. Two significant religions among these are Christianity and Buddhism. Both religions share similarities with each other, such as the importance of morality and the alleviation of suffering. However, they also come equipped with a variety of differences. The most prevalent of these divergences lie in the concept of theism, the interpretation of oneself, and the reality of life after death. In Buddhism, the idea of devoting oneself …show more content…

In both, morality leads to the ending of suffering, while a bad character leads to the opposite. The differences between them can be seen when looking at the ways good character is developed in the individual, and where one ends up after death. Chrisitians primarily believe that God is the ruler of all, providing eternal salvation to those who follow him undoubtedly, whereas Buddhists believe that prosperity is found once ones soul is cleansed of all karma through learning after reincaranations and teachings from the …show more content…

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