Business Ethics Better Than The Kantian Approach

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1. What special emphasis does Solomon find in Aristotle's ethical approach that he believes to be so important in the corporate world?
He found that individual virtue and integrity are important, with this good corporate and social policy will then follow. Both of these will result in cultivation and encouragement. Community was also mentioned as a key factor, people who work for corporate must think as if they are a member of two communities, one which is for themselves and then the public.
2. In what sense does Solomon think the Aristotelian approach to business ethics better than the Kantian approach?
The Kantian approach lacks emotion. These would be compassion, sympathy and even happiness. The Kantian approach focuses on duties rather than on …show more content…

Aristotle focused on individual happiness, whereas Utilitarianism focuses on community, to do this it depends on our actions in our daily lives. The goal is flourishing as individuals and this gives you the right tools to do so.
4. Solomon lists six dimensions of virtue ethics. List and define them briefly, giving particular attention to "community" and "excellence".
Community- we are much bigger than ourselves, to grow as a person we must have a great community to back us up. We often find our identity and meaning in communities rather than when we are alone. Most often are self-interest reflect that of the larger community. All our happiness and wellbeing depend on the companies we choose. We are all trying to reach a common goal.
Excellence- aspirations are the key to virtue ethics, business ethics are different from normal ethics because for instance the book mentions being a tough negotiator in business but not as a babysitter because the principles are different. They are different from civilized life, therefore being excellent is expressed but with rules. He defines it as doing ones best and excelling as best as one

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