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Effects of CTE CTE is a disease in the brain that is caused by concussions. There has been a rising fears of this disease in the media lately. This fear has been surrounded by the sport of football. If you play this you are in danger of getting CTE. At least 31% of the people that have this disease have been suicidal at some point (Bonk). People cannot diagnose CTE until an autopsy has taken place, and they diagnose it with Tau protein. CTE is believed to have four stages that affect the human body. These stages are dangerous because many victims think it’s normal aging, and then they catch it too late (“What is CTE”). The first stage might not come until months to years after the head trauma. This stage includes bad headaches and …show more content…

The first example is future hall of famer Junior Seau. In 2012, he was the first of many NFL players to get diagnosed with CTE. On May 2, 2012 he was found dead at his home in California with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest (“What is CTE”). Later he went in for an autopsy and it revealed that he had CTE. The second example Jovan Belcher. Jovan Belcher argued with his girlfriend multiple times, drove to the team field, and shot himself in front of head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli (Bonk). It later showed in his autopsy that he had CTE. He showed several signs of CTE by having increased aggressiveness toward his girlfriend and himself. These are two examples of CTE working in real life. Earlier in the paper I talked about the signs and symptoms of CTE. The signs are very hard to notice because they commonly get confused with normal aging. There are four stages to this dangerous disease that affect people in different ways. These stages can lead to death or Dementia. Then finally I talked about the two NFL players that ended up committing suicide because of CTE. The two football players were a big surprise to everybody. Junior Seau was a big surprise because of his success in the NFL. He is going to be a hall of famer in the NFL. CTE is a very dangerous disease that affects a lot of

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