Can Poetry Matter Dana Gioia Analysis

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Dana Gioia is well know poet who rose to fame when his 1991 essay “Can Poetry Matter ?” generated national attention.Poet Dana Gioias should be taught in college because his poems provide readers with traditional poetic techniques such as rhyme, blank verse, and fixed form,while still providing poems that offer intriguing,relevant themes in today's society. Michael Dana Gioia was born December 24,1950 in Hawthorne California.Poet Gioia began his career at General Foods in 1977 after attending Stanford University in 1973 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University in 1973, a master's degree from Harvard University in 1975, and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford Business School in 1977.Dana …show more content…

Continuing with relevant themes, Dana Gioias essay “Why Literature Matters” also provides college readers with a relevant topic that revolves around the theme of how important literature is in society.In the essay poet Gioia goes on to state that literature is beneficial to society because it “encourages the flow of ideas within that society and also implores a more communal approach to education”(“Dana Gioia”). Gioia also states “Literature now competes with an enormous array of electronic media. While no single activity is responsible for the decline in reading, the cumulative presence and availability of electronic alternatives increasingly have drawn Americans away from reading.”(“Dana Gioia”).Gioia’s essay on “Why Literature Matters”

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