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Canada Posts Customer service because they have very little choice. For example, it is widely accepted that postal delivery people never actually try to deliver parcels they just leave door slips that say they tried but there was no answer. The RPO workers get several complaints every day that customers sat at home all day waiting for a delivery and the postal worker didn’t even knock. Customers assume the postal worker was being lazy or lying, when in reality most of the time Canada Post send their workers out with only drop slips, and sends the parcels directly to RPO’s this is to cut down on the amount of time it takes for a postal worker to complete their route. So, most of the time a postal worker won’t even have the parcel on their truck…show more content…
Denise says that there are times that some countries will have mail service cut off do to one reason or another I have noticed that Canada post does not offer it’s moneyback guarantee on postage to countries that are having wars or countries that have a lot of government corruption. Economic forces have a big impact on Canada post as well, it determines postage prices, and how many RPO’s are in operation, it has also influenced staffing decisions at Canada Post, they have replaced many of their sorters with sorting machines, and no longer higher full time delivery workers. Denise and I don’t think there are any socio-cultural forces affecting Canada Post, everyone has access to the post office, and mail is delivered to everyone the only way you don’t get mail delivered is if you don’t have an address, but there are many post offices that rent PO Boxes to shelters so that mail can be received. Our RPO is directly impacted by the economy as well, we are near two universities so we always see a huge pick up in online order deliveries around the time that student loans are issued in September and January. We have our busy times when school starts and when it finishes because a lot of students use our RPO to mail their belongings home after…show more content…
This is something that is experienced by most businesses around the universities. I was not able to get a clear answer on how threats and opportunities are determined. Denise says that she just gets emailed info posts and they are just instructions with no explanation as to why something is changing. I tried to ask a few delivery drivers how Canada Post determines what changes to make, and they were not even aware of what InfoPost’s were, I learned that Delivery drivers and mail carriers have little to no knowledge about how the RPO’s conduct business, or anything about the mail in general except how to sort and deliver it. I tried to contact my district manager but he told me he was not allowed to answer this question or any others I had. So, Denise just get’s info posts and we all follow them. The organization could greatly improve environmental impact by using less paper. There are so many forms we fill out on a daily basis that could be done online to save paper, and also every day a packet of about 40 papers is printed out for paper work use, but only 10 are actually used, the rest are disposed of. Denise is unsure of why they make us print them

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