Case Study Tim Hortons

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The case show why Tim Hortons became a successful company and how Tim Hortons taken hold in everyday lives of Canadian.
• Why Tim Hortons became part of Canadian culture?
• How Tim Hortons compare with competitors, such as Starbucks?
• What is Tim Hortons’s history?
• How Time Hortons developed from one store to over 3,000 stores?
• The information about how the Tim Hortons begin: “NHL hockey star Tim Horton opened a coffee and doughnut shop in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1964 in order to earn income in the off-season.
• The information about how Tim Hortons currently operates: “there were 3,295 locations in Canada, 714 across 10 U.S. states in the northeast and Midwest, and five locations in the United Arab Emirates.”
• The information about …show more content…

• The current situation of the competitors like Starbucks.
• The market shares of Canadian coffee segment.
• The business strategies of Tim Hortons establishment.
• The author used the current situation of the coffee industry to define Tim Hortons' position in the coffee industry.
• The author used the current situation of Starbucks to compare with Tim Hortons’ operation.
• The author used the market share to support Tim Hortons in Canadian daily life.
• The author used the Tim Hortons’ business strategies to support why Tim Hortons became a successful company
The reasons of Tim Hortons became a successful company are effective product mix, establishment of corporate reputation, rational development, and establishment goals and strategies to improve the competitive. However, Tim Hortons faced unprecedented challenge from McDonalds.
If people take the case seriously, they will agree the author that Tim Hortons has taken hold in the everyday lives of Canadians, because number of stores in Canada, the market share in Canada, customer stratification, the sales, public benefit activities, and business …show more content…

They might think Tim Hortons only a brand of coffee or restaurant. The company will not affect the Canadian everyday lives.
Although Tim Hortons in the process of continuous development of ownership changes, but eventually become a successful company. Furthermore, Tim Hortons through their own business strategies which different from other competitors to establish their own sales philosophy, thus becoming part of Canadians life.
Although Tim Hortons is a successful company, but still need to adjust their business strategies to face the impact of McDonald's and other competitors. Tim Hortons not only focus on Canadian and American market, but also can consider several niche market, like East Asia, South America and Europe. Tim Hortons could bring Canadian culture to the

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