Capulet Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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Does love really conquer all things? There is a story about two star crossed lovers. They were in love with each. There was one problem; their families were enemies. In William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, Capulet is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's deaths because he did not really know his daughter, he was very strict, and he tried to force her into marriage Capulet did not really know his daughter. He probably for the most part said he did. A question is, did he really? When Juliet's Cousin died he really thought she was mourning his death. When in reality she was crying for Romeo. What dad does not know his daughter well enough not to see that type of lie. He probably could not have told her favorite color or even favorite food. He did not know his daughter as well as he should have. If he did, he probably could have helped her, and ended the arguing with Rome's family so that they could be together. He did not so Juliet insisted on being with Romeo, no matter what, leading up to the disaster. …show more content…

Someone once said "Strict parents make sneaky kids." Most people believe that it is very true. If some has had very strict parents, they would would want to disobey them. Most people would probably become very rebellious to everything their parents said. When a parent is so strict they do not take time to actually spend time with their kids, and just generally talk to their kids. When Capulet decided to be very strict, he made Juliet sneaky. So when she was sneaky, she went behind his seeing Romeo, being rebellious, leading up to the

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