Case Study: PCCS Group Berhad

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PCCS Group Berhad was started on 1973 where Mr. Chan Choo Sing and Mr. Chan Kok Hiang were the founders of this company. With only 3 sets of second-hand sewing machines, they started operations in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. PGB Group was established by PCCS as one of Malaysia’s leading garment manufactures. In 1995, PCCS Group Berhad (PGB) is the listing company on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. PCCS’s products ranges from those of adults and children garments including blouses, jackets, polo-shirts, tracksuits, and winter clothing.

Today besides garment production, the Group has 20 subsidiary companies which provide additional services such as fabric knitting, elastic webbing, embroidering, labeling, marketing and distribution of its products overseas.

An impact had been created for itself locally and also overseas and a competitive advantage in the textile market was achieved by the group. This is because of the different products that the Group sells in the market. High quality products are produced by the Group at a low cost as it is being fully integrated. A huge amount of money was invested by the Group in upgrading the facilities such as power plants and machinery equipped with advanced technology to produce such high quality materials. They is one of the pioneer users of the sophisticated CAD automatic cutting machine and CAD-CAM marker planner in the country. Prompt management information can be obtained for decision making with those technologies.

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