Case Study: Sex Offender Specific Treatment

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Joseph’s overall progress in sex offender specific treatment continues to be poor. Joseph’s attendance overall has been good, he is compliant when asked to complete homework assignments and working through the Pathways workbook, but it is clear that he is a passive participant and is not putting forth the effort to make sustainable changes in his life.

To date several approaches have been employed to engage Joseph in treatment, but these attempts have been met with resistance. As previously stated in his last report, his cognitive distortions appear to be deep rooted and this has impeded his ability internalize a sense of wrong doing with regard to his sexual offenses, as well as his other delinquent behaviors. Joseph disclosed that he has engaged in driving recklessly, on the road and on watercrafts, being out late at night with peers that consume alcohol and drugs, and there have been collateral reports that he is consuming alcohol as well. Further, his probation officer informed this provider that another victim has come forth alleging sexual misconduct.

It is clear that many of the factors that were present prior, and during, all of his sex offenses, continue to be present in his life. These include, antisocial interpersonal orientation, negative peer associations and …show more content…

This created stress on Josephs father and Joseph apparently responded to the allegations as he has in treatment, with denial and diminished capacity syndrome; not knowing what happened. After several days of avoiding each other, Joseph reports that his father became angry with him and this lead to a physical altercation. After about a week of avoiding his father, Joseph reports that the two had a long discussion and is now on good

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