Cause And Effect Of Brown V. Board Of Education

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White people and colored people had to go to seprate schools.My topic is going to be about Brown v. Board of Education. I am going to write about the cause and effect on the African Americans and how they were treated then v. now. First,the cause of Brown v. Board of Education.In uscourts it states “that even though the Declartion of Independence stated that, All men are created equaly.”The statement was not added in the law in the U.S.A until after the cilver war.In about 1865 the amendment was ratified and fianlly stopped slavery of the Arican Americans.The 15 amendment was in about 1870 stated the leggal rights.Some states did not allow everyone to vote due to race. Next,the effect of Brown v. Board of Education.In Topeko,Kansas in about

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