Causes And Consequences In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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In 1962 in Salem, a Massachusetts colony the most bizarre thing happened, the colony was struck by one of the most insane trials ever, the witch trials. These trials lasted a breath taking year, a lot longer than they should have. This catastrophe is demonstrated by the tragic play by Arthur Miller The Crucible. In Arthur Miller’s play, the main antagonist Abigale sets up the trials in order to get with her lover John proctor who was already married. In the process of her evil scheme to eliminate John 's wife, Abigail framed many others to cover up her true plot. The people in wich where accused were sentenced to hang if they did not confess, or they would be killed. “You have confessed yourself to witchcraft, and that speaks a wish to come to Heaven 's side. And we will bless you, Tituba.” (Miller ActI) During the play, there is not just one person or thing that could be pointed responsible for the end result. However, one person that is most responsible is Mary Warren. The reason that for the end result of the crucible is because Mary played Abigail 's game, in the beginning,she subsidized the incident with Elizabeth proctor , finally and the biggest…show more content…
Mary Warren was responsible for the dark ending of the crucible because she played Abigail 's game, in the beginning, In the beginning, Marry Warren followed Abigail 's example in accusing people of being witches. Mary went so far in this that she actually went to court with Abigale to help her in the prosecuting of the accused. “I am sick, I am sick, Mr. Proctor. Pray, pray, hurt me not. Her strangeness throws his op, and her evident pallor and weakness. He frees her. My insides are all shuddery; I am in the proceedings all day, sir.” (Miller Act II) If Mary would have stood up to Abigail in the beginning, instead of in the end her claim would have been more beloved. Especially if she would have stood up to her before she stood next to her, and she swore on the court that these accused were truly
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