Causes And Failures Of The French Revolution

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Claims The French Revolution was a success and failures in many ways more than one, but most of it was a success. It achieves a lot of goals ranging from the government to the lower class of France. The first few years of the revolution starts to change the power ranking from the upper class to the lower class that began to revolt. They made themselves noticeable. Evidences The French revolution start off with giving more power and control to the Third Estate or the lower classes of France. The French revolution started in 1789. The Third Estate made up most of France 's population including: lower, middle and working class. The First and Second were the delegates and nobility. The prison, Bastille, was stormed by an angry mob that feared that attacks might occur. This forced Louis XVI to take notice of the Third Estate. The king allows the Third Estate to form an assembly, but he also told them to follow medieval rules. The French revolution also struggle to obtain rights and freedom for the common people in France. The Absolute power of the monarchy started to collapse as the lower class gain more rights and freedom. In 1792, France was partially republic. In 1790, the Third Estate named themselves the National Assembly. They introduced many new laws that limited the power of both the church and the government. Plus they separate the church’s influence from the political area. French revolution failed miserably in an attempt to

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