Causes Of Corruption In Pakistan Essay

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Introduction :
Corruption is the universal curse by which every country in the world is suffering without any distinction whether it is developing or developed. Different organizations in various times have been involved In the study about corruption to find out the impacts of corruption on any country and any single individual person. The most commonly known now a days is Transparency international which is carrying out enormous research on corruption worldwide and based on these researches they give each country a rank called corruption perception index. This refers to the level of corruption in that specific country. The countries are ranked on the scale of 0-100. Whereas country ranked with hundred points is refred as very clean. And with the 0 value is assumed to be highly corrupt. In the year 2013 Pakistan was ranked 127th in the list of 154 countries with the CPI of 28.
Concepts of Corruption :
The word “Corruption” has its origin in a
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A Newspaper has reported that the estimated loss caused by corruption was more than Rs 12 billion per day including Rs 7 billion of tax evasion.
Causes of corruption in Pakistan :
According to some studies major causes of corruption in Pakistan are as follows .
a. Misuse of agencies by successive governments for arm twisting of their political opponents.
b. Poor investigation and lack of professional expertise in investigating crimes towards vested interests.
c. Misuse of mandate by the investigating agencies to please their masters for their personal benefits.
d. Appointments of the heads of the investigating agencies on political influence and interest of the politicians.
e. The anticorruption agencies don’t have the requires powers and capacity to eradicate the corruption.
f. Lack of transparency in the government decision making .
g. Weakness in the judicial system.
h. Power of influential people which do not let any one work

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