Causes Of Corruption In Public Institutions

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Corruption in the public institutions Economic One of the most alarming problems in Egypt is Corruption in the government such as ministry of economic which causes in problems in many buildings such as education ,health care and business. This problem appears due to irresponsible persons have authorities in their position or uncooperative persons which do not make development in the public buildings. Robinson (1998) stated the violation of public laws for selfish interest. Corruption spreads when there is no moral criteria. Robinson (1998) stated it does not prove happiness to the community and financial economic. No moral criteria lead to lose the country 's position. This essay will first demonstrate corruption in public buildings it sheds light on no moral criteria and irresponsible leaders are the main causes behind corruption which have led serious effects on country 's position according to health care, education ,business and financial responsibilities.

The first problem is Economic corruption . Economic considers an important factor for society. Firstly, strong economic countries should have strong development due to deal with foreigners and high productivity. Mauro (1997) stated economic corruption due to it is slowly growth and no development. Secondly, Low productivity decreases the financial situation. Mauro (1997) stated that corruption of economic due to it is slowly growth will lead to decrease the productivity and dealing with

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