Drilling Into Disaster: BP In The Gulf Of Mexico Case Study

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Drilling into Disaster: BP in the Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico is one of the valuable place in which it has variety of marine life, such as fish, shrimp and other species The issues of incident on spill oil should be on concerned as it leads to this disaster for human being and environment. The case is discussed how BP company responses. It means how its board and management accountability, corporate responsibility, risk management, code of conduct and whistleblowing, compensation practices, and stakeholder communications react on this disaster. With regard to the disaster, BP CEO should have behaved appropriately because he should have responsibility on his job and should give his employees a better solution better than not saying anything. The problem was still there even BP change CEO to Dudley. While he was CEO, he was promised and highlighted with the signal that the company is seriously concerned on safety. However, during his appointed, he ignored this problem due to cost cutting and aftermath, it was one of the point engaged in this disaster. Secondly, he should have a clear instructor or policy to junior level but he did not have. He did not get it straight to give them clear mission how to …show more content…

Additional, they were lack of communicate and lack of understandable roles. They were lack of control environment that they did not assign a good duty of segregate for each level. The company just focus on solving extreme high risk problem and ignored the expert advices, demonstrated by Tony Hayward. When the disaster appeared, the board is lack of oversee in operation, had a slow reaction on solving. This failure is resulted in inconsistent of organizational culture. They failed to avoid management errors which led to massive damage to the environment and caused harm to people. That 's why the board and its chairman should have

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