Causes Of Nationalism In Ww1

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WWI began in the 1914, the outbreak of WWI was due to a number of significant factors, which included a lot of Millenarianism and Nationalism and the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. However, the most important factors to be analysed will be the whole start of the war, which was caused through the nationalism and the militarism. Which only led up to the Assassination of the Archduke. Nationalism, was one of the biggest problems, due to the fact that every country was a nationalistic at that time. The whole nationalism started of in the early 1900, where all the european countries constituted a brutal rivalry and competition. There influences were cause by Germany,Russia, Austria-Hungary, Britain and France they all only wanted…show more content…
Due to the fact that Germany had the industrial revolution very early, Russia,France and Britain were very far behind and had trouble catching up. But the worst of the worst, was Russia, whose military was terrible and technology due to the lack of warm water and their location. Due to the fact that Africa had all the ores and natural resources that every country needed, such as gold,silver and Diamonds, the competition had only grown bigger and worst. However, another factor of nationalism was the need for more territory, which meant that they needed more security which cause the country to get more pride than already having in possession. Nonetheless, Russia and Austria were fighting for the balkans, were there were countries that wanted independence, but were not given. Serbia tried to…show more content…
When militarism became a huge deal, it not only meant that every country improved their army and navy, no it also meant the arms race and the government´s attitude. The Government attitude means that many generals had a huge influence on the government of the country, which led to problems, which then turned into long term problems, escalation into the war. This also meant that all the countries were very aggressive, but especially the government of Austria-Hungary and Germany were militaristic. At the time of 1914, the arm force was divided like that, that Germany had about 2,2 million soldiers, Austria-Hungary had about 810,000 Soldier and Russia had about 1,2 million soldiers. When on country improved their army and general armed force, all the other had the idear to grow, causing every country to grow bigger and better. However, the navy of Germany and Britain collided, when The Kaiser Wilhelm, announced that he wants to take over the place in the sun in the 1900. All the European countries had a backup plan, which was to train all the young men, so that, if a war was about to breakout, they could not only call out the standing army but also an extensive amount of trained young men. There was one historian, who had roughly estimated, how many men each country, including the young.He came to a conclusion, that Germany had about 8,5 milion, Russia about 4,4 million and
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