Causes Of The Revolutionary War Dbq Essay

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The Revolutionary War caused lots of violence on both sides; the colonies and the British. Both sides lost many lives, and both sides won and lost many battles. The British army had trained soldiers that were more numerous and experienced than the American Minutemen. Americans believed that they were defined by their beliefs, in fighting for their rights, instead of their heritage. The unity of the American people was a defined by everybody together in a democracy, instead of the British monarchy that people were suppressed by, and left to join America for. The extent the colonists had of identity and unity as Americans is the driving cause of the colonies breaking away from Britain, and if the sense of identity and unity was any less, the …show more content…

During the Revolutionary War, the unity of the colonists was strong, as they had to fight against the British, despite the British having larger militia forces. In Document C, Richard Henry Lee stated that “all N. America is now most firmly united and as firmly resolved to defend their liberties ad infinitum against every power on Earth that may attempt to take them away.” This was said while the war was happening, and how British wouldn’t stop fighting the colonists until they got their money from taxes. The British were determined to fight until they won, despite how much it hurt both sides. Lee states how despite the size of the conflict, Americans will continue to fight together to win their freedom. Document E is a part of the Continental Congress in 1775 that discusses how Americans needed to bear arms. It states that Americans deserve to protect their liberty and fight against their enemies fairly. The colonists felt as if they would rather “die freemen, rather than live [like] slaves.” This article states that there is still possibility for peace among Britain and the colonies, but if they do not want peace, than the colonists will want to bear arms, and fight together for freedom, rather than live under British

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