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Causes of World War 1 By: Haydee Corral Alvarez July 28, 1914, World War 1 had officially started. On November 11, 1918 World War 1 had ended. In just 4 years this war had changed the face of modern warfare but to find out how this war did that you would have to know how and why this war started. One of the causes of World War 1 was Imperialism. Imperialism is a country expanding its power and influence through, if required, military force. Most often when Imperialism would occur it was because a leader wanted more power and control. They would start expanding which often led to tension and wars. “The most active European countries in terms of imperialism were Britain, France, and Germany.”states Students of history. This states that the …show more content…

Nationalism is being devoted to the country itself and being motivated to increase its power and control. Nationalism occurred in the war when people were trying to be loyal and devoted to their country by joining the war. When they couldn’t join the war they would be giving money, growing their own food, or working in the factories. “France, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia each tried to prove their nation's importance to the world by building up armies and weapons” states Mr. Field. Those were just some of the major countries that used nationalism during the war. When the assassination of the Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand happened was one intiance when nationalism was used. Another example was after the war when Germany and Italy became their own countries. When the war was starting nationalism was used when they started to build up their armies so that they could get more control over other lands which led to militarism and the …show more content…

Propaganda is a form of communication that is most often used to persuade and audience something. Propaganda was used during the war to get boys to join the war, females to work in the factories , to grow their own food to save food for the soldiers, and to make the enemy look bad. The purpose of propaganda was to get an audience to do or believe something. They would do this by making posters that would be around the cities. They added images to catch the attention of their audience, saying something that tugs at a person's heart or strings, and saying something that might not be true to get their point

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