Censorship In Ella Minnow Pea By Mark Dunn

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Imagine coming home to a family that has to use a dictionary in order to speak. A family so worried, that they quit their jobs, in order to lessen the chance o accidentally slipping and saying a censored letter. Mark Dunn wrote a novel to explore how people would react when being censored, and the results caused a considerable amount of consternation in people. Censorship on language caused people to have lipograms forced on to their tongues, these rules brought out the worst of people, and even the government wasn't able to conform to these silly rules.
Censorship causes unusual dialect in people. Within the book "Ella Minnow Pea", The citizens of nollop are forced to use lipograms in order to not be punished. On pages 86-87, Agnes decides to stop writing letters entirely because its just too hard for her. A middle aged woman can no longer speak to her husband and four children because she can't think of the correct words to say. How hard would that be? Imagine if these rules were to happen in our own lives. Imagine you're at school talking to friends, when you accidentally say the phrase, "No way!" You don’t even realize you spoke the letter "Y", but you did. Immediately someone nearby rats you out to a superior …show more content…

For instance, one day Mittie is teaching arithmetic, and says the word "dozen." Well, since the letter "z" is outlawed, a student tells their parents. Their parents then decide to go ahead and tell the council what happened (Dunn 31-33). Then, later in the book, that boy is going to be forced off the island due to poor word choices. So the parents (who told on mittie) reached out to Mittie to see if she would help them (Dunn 130). They had no other reason than "Please, it's our little boy." How can someone who did something so rude, expect help? These rules causes families to break apart, children to be forced out of their homes. How can someone stand for these

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