Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 is a novel by Ray Bradbury, set in a future dystopian world. The protagonist of this story is Guy Montag, a fireman. In this world, firemen start fires instead of putting them out, and instead of water in their hoses they have kerosene in them. Guy Montag lives in a time where books are illegal, because they make people think and question the world around them. There has been a censorship on books and self-identification in this world. A lack of books in this society causes a lack of literature, self-refection, and the appreciation of nature and life itself.
Early in the book we meet 17-year-old Clarisse whose family has moved in next to Guy Montag’s house. Clarisse is immediately seen as a free spirit, and she is constantly …show more content…

The first being his wife attempted suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills, and second Clarisse goes missing. Guy then watches a woman burn to death because she wanted to stay with her books. He gets sick after that, and his boss, Beatty comes to his house to try and get him to come back to work, and then confirms Clarisse’s death.
After Beatty’s talk with Guy, he decided to tell his wife a secret he had been keeping from her for about a year. Guy reveals he had been stealing books from the fires and saving them. At this point, Guy is very upset with his life; the author explains it as being numb. Beatty discovers that Guy has books at his house, and goes to burn his house down. When Beatty and Guy enter his house, Guy kills Beatty with his flamethrower.
Guy runs away from his house as a fugitive, and goes to Professor Faber’s house. Professor Faber is a man that Guy Montag met a while ago, and has been speaking to him through most of the book, and had agreed to help Guy work against the firemen. Faber gives Guy instructions how to get out of town unnoticed and some clothes, so the mechanical dog used by the firemen could not track

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