Fahrenheit 451 Research Paper

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Do you ever find yourself breaking the rules a higher authority has set just to find your identity or explore new things? For instance, in Brave New World, published in England in 1932, by Aldous Huxley, John the Savage is free from conformity and lives his own life, but still tries to fit into society or the World State. Similarly, in Fahrenheit 451, published in Los Angeles, California in 1953, by Ray Bradbury, Guy Montag desperately tries to break free from society and find his true identity. Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 both express the interest in relationship between books, life and community. People are often controlled by their superiors, which results in people thinking they are better than one another, causing rebellion. Indeed, …show more content…

Clarisse McClellan loves life, nature and learning about the earth. In addition, Clarisse opens up a whole new world to Guy Montag by revealing to him the absence of love and contentment in his life. One day, sadly, Guy Montag finds out that Clarisse had been hit by a car, but the novel never clearly states that she has been hit by a car; it is assumed. Furthermore, Clarisse’s character is meant to portray the dehumanization of society and and random acts of violence. Clarisse’s character portrays this because she is seen in society as “weird.” Clarisse is even sent to a psychiatrist because of the way she thinks. In fact, she is free spirited and the opposite of how society has been taught to think and feel. Moreover, Beatty says that Clarisse was a “time bomb,” and authorities were scared that she was going to explode with thoughts and information. This is exactly what the government does not want in this society, because they want everyone to be controlled and the same. Clarisse did not fit into society, which is why the government might have killed her, but readers do not know. Even though the authority punished reading, art, music and history, that did not stop Clarisse or Guy Montag. Sometimes, a person needs to go against the rules to

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