Censorship In The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas

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In today's society, people have become sensitive, and from this came the dangers of censorship. Censorship is flawed, unnecessary, and immature; literature should instead be viewed with care and consideration and left untarnished. Removing offensive and inappropriate language from classic literature would show a false reality, remove important cultural and historical context, and lessen the reader's knowledge about the complexities of society, which is why it should be looked at in a more mature manner to better understand the author's intentions for the piece of literature. Firstly, the censorship of literature would present a false reality to the reader and remove important cultural and historical context. Through the analyzation of the novel …show more content…

With censorship left untarnished, readers gain an understanding about a specific topic or event they may not be acquainted with and would erode any confusion. Adding on to historical and cultural context, censoring literature would lessen the readers knowledge of the complexities of society. According to Angie Thomas, author of “The Hate You Give”; she has received an abundance of backlash due to her novel. She believes that “the killing of an unarmed Black teenager by a white police officer was what led the school district to call it “filth.” Though the event may be horrible, it is an actual recurring thing in society; black prejudice is very prominent in today's society and it should be brought to light. An uncensored version of the novel would present the reader with knowledge and the dangers happening to the people within their society. Lastly, alongside bringing light to sorrowful topics like the oppression of another race, censorship is degrading countless authors and their true intentions. Everyone has the right to the freedom of speech; with censorship in literature being prominent, “Authors can be thwarted in conveying their most pressing insights.” (Marcus S.

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