Chapter 1 The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Dialectical Journal

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Meet Huck Episode 1 Characters: Huck, Tom Sawyer, Miss Watson, Widow Douglas, Jim, Pap Setting: Miss Watson and Widow Douglas’s house in St. Petersburg, Missouri “Then she told me about the bad place, and I said I wish I was there” (2). Overview: Huck started living with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas, but he doesn’t like staying there because he has to say prayers, wear nice clothes, and act ‘sivilzed’. They also tell him about heaven and hell, but he doesn’t understand the importance of heaven and thinks hell is acceptable too. The only reason he stays is to be in Tom’s robber gang, which ends up breaking up after a month. After a few months, he sees his pap’s footprints in the mud and immediately runs to …show more content…

Question: Are methods, such as fortune telling, acceptable in society or is it looked down on? The Great Escape Episode 2 Characters: Huck, Pap, Judge Thatcher, Widow Douglas Setting Widow Douglas and Miss Watson’s, Pap takes Huck to his Cabin, Huck goes to Jackson Island “... he rolled over and over, wonderful fast, kicking things every which way, and striking and grabbing at the air with his hands, and screaming, and saying there was devils ahold of him” (21). Overview: Pap kidnapped Huck and took him to his cabin in the forest. Pap continued to get drunk and hurt Huck, but would forget about it the next morning. Huck started to get angry with him for the constant abuse and for trying to take all of his money that he gave to Judge Thatcher, so he came up with a plan to escape. He did this by destroying the cabin and spreading blood (animal) throughout the cabin to look like someone killed him. Then, he used a boat he found to sail down the river to Jackson’s Island. Conflict: Character vs. Character- Pap would physically abuse Huck and this resulted in Huck …show more content…

A couple days later, Huck finds Jim, but Jim has a hard time believing it because he’s supposed to be dead. Jim tells him that he ran away from Widow Douglas’s, which makes Huck feel guilty keeping him. They venture to a cave on the island and stay there until the storm stops. During the storm, a dead man washes up, but Jim doesn’t let Huck look at the face because he says it’s bad luck. Huck starts to get bored on the island so he decided to go into Illinois to get news of things going on. To prevent being recognized, he dresses up as a girl and calls himself Sarah Williams. After being in Mrs. Judith Loftus’s house, she figures out he’s a boy, but lets him go because she thought he was an apprentice to a mean farmer. She also told him her husband and a bunch of other men were going later in the night to the island to look for Jim. After hearing that he rushed off back to the cave to alert Jim so they could

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