Chapter Summary: Like Water For Chocolate

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Like Water for chocolate chapter summary Like water for chocolate chapter nine takes place in the month of September. The recipe in this chapter is “Chocolate and Three Kings’ Day Bread.” The month and recipe in this chapter bring changes. Specifically the number three played a tripling effect that played out. In preparation, there were three different types of beans being toasted. Triggers a softening of the painful past memories among the three sisters Rosuara, Tita, and Gedrutis. This was a clear effect on how Mama Elena forced her traditional family values onto them. Chunks of chocolates mixed together with a little oil and set to dry. As a symbol of the sisters resembling the repressed emotions, each had to come to terms with on their own individuality.…show more content…
When Tita begins to prep the bread, Rosuara come in the kitchen and released her suppress thoughts of jealousy. Seeking forgiveness from Tita for thinking that Pedro and Tita were secretly messing around. Tita couldn't respond in her truth instead she offers her a cure for her sickness. Rosuara suffers from bad breath and ingestion that causes her issues with her husband. She confesses the Pedro don't even want to be around her. Tita devises a plan to remedy the situation. Henderson
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