Like Water For Chocolate Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Laura Esquivel in the book “Like Water For Chocolate” uses many strategies throughout the book like imagery ,and exaggeration.Both imagery and exaggeration helped develop the tone and the mood ,and set the purpose the passages that were given to us by Esquivel. Esquivel is trying to convey to the readers that you don’t need to be just plain like other writers to have a good story to tell, as she demonstrates in her way of writing and strategies. The use of words that Esquivel uses gives us a better understanding of the strategies being used by the author, and what she is trying to say by using those words.There are many other strategies that Esquivel uses, but exaggeration and imagery have a huge role in the book, and not only in the passage where she describes Nacha, but in others where the food is involved. In chapter there's a passage were Esquivel explains the process of how Chenca went to see Tiata to make her oxtail soup, that would later reveal how it reminded her about Nacha feeding her as she did in the past when she was smaller the only caring love she needed, and it ends at John going up because there was a almost to be

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