The Chocolate War Robert Cormier Analysis

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Do you understand the feeling of being different? Ever feel those staring eyes peering into you like a laser beam because your not dressed like everybody else? Of course you have everyone has unless you live under a rock but anyway everyone has felt different but why the staring why do they have to make you feel alien? Well it’s simple some people just simply don’t like change and if you aren’t like everyone else the order of things might get screwed up. And when people feel their way of things is being tempered with they can get a bit extreme meaning you better prepare for the worst. “The Chocolate War” by Robert Cormier has many examples of that like how Jerry starts being targeted by the Vigils because he chooses to continue to not sell the chocolates after his assignment to not sell the chocolates for a week ended. …show more content…

Some people may say they don’t look at you differently even if they find out your different in one way or another but in some cases not all that isn’t true and it can be painfully obvious to spot someone looking at you differently sometimes. For example if someone shows up to school with a suit on they are obviously going to be stared at because its not normal to see a student casually wear a suit. Another example this time from “The Chocolate War” is when Jerry gets turned against by the whole school all because he wouldn’t sell chocolates and because of this ends up in the hospital. These are perfect examples due to the clear description of what would happen if you were different and what would happen if a powerful person dislikes your differences they might target you or maybe you 'll get luck and the person is open minded.You may also start notice people see you differently and may ignore you because they want nothing to do with “what you

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