Character Analysis Of Iago In William Shakespeare's Othello

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In the Shakespeare story, “Othello” the villain of the story, Iago has a not so shocking transformation. He was a small time rapscallion, who simply at the the beginning wanted revenge for the wrongdoing done to him by being passed up for the promotion to lieutenant. But then it turned into more of nefarious plan, to “turn [Desdemona’s] virtue into pitch.” (Shakespeare.2.33.338) He manipulated everyone in this storyline he interacts with, especially the following characters; Roderigo, Othello & Emilia, with each character he goes from being harmless physically to being unpredictably evil.
Roderigo, the man who unrequitedly has fallen in love in with Desdemona makes a deal with Iago in hopes of winning her heart. He doesn’t think logically, he thinks with his emotions and is an easy puppet for Iago. Iago steals any and all money and jewels that Roderigo sends for Desdemona that he claims “ would have made even a nun want to sleep with me” (Shakespeare 4.2.189) Roderigo and his unfathomed beloved hadn’t even spoken since her elopement with the moor, Othello. So Iago had twisted him and got him to do his bidding for nothing and in the end, Roderigo realizes he is being fooled by Iago but is sent on a mission to kill his “competition”, Cassio. When Cassio is struck, Roderigo and Iago escapes. But Iago kills Roderigo to silence the only witness that could identify him. He was a victim to the emotional manipulation of an unusually cruel scoundrel, but in the end when the letter

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