Character Analysis: The Birchbark House

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What surprised you about each of these works? In The Birchbark House, I was surprised when Old Tallow told Omakayas the story about why she and Nokomis, her grandmother, didn’t get the chimookoman’s sickness when the rest of her family did. I had completely forgotten that Omakayas was the only survivor of smallpox on Spirit Island. The book was very intriguing making the brief prologue forgettable until I was reminded of it. Chapter 14, Full Circle, was beautifully written giving Omakayas the answers she needed and readers the full realization of the entire story. In The Song of Hiawatha, legends were passed down through generations as told by Hiawatha. Hiawatha was keen to the sounds and occurrences in nature and heard and saw beauty …show more content…

The girls walked farther into town, knowing Mama was busy, ooping she wouldn’t miss them quite yet (109). Sewing up the stuffed beavers to cook them (116). skinny dipping (p. 136, 137) wild crow - family pet, Andeg (51) smallpox (142). Omakaya’s cared for and saved her family (154). Angeline got the first glimpse of herself afte smallpox (159). Tallow fed Omakayas rabbit soup with potatoes that was a potion that helped her shake the tragedy and retur;n to being a child (160, 161). creation (172). Tallow killed her yellow dog (180). Pinch brought laughter back into their lives by setting the seat of his pants son fire (185, 186). carried a blanket over his shoulder meaning he had much to say and planned to spend the night …show more content…

Books that receive this award must meet conventional standards of excellence. The Birchbark House is reflective of all of the criteria for this award. The Ojibwa Indians are peaceful people and social justice is ingrained in their culture. Every member of the tribe has a role that contributes to the well-being of the entire tribe. Their keen ability to survive by adapting their lifestyle to the seasons and harvesting the gifts of the earth is reflective of their deep respect for nature and their fellow

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