Character Change In Sebastien Guillen's The Outside Dog

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The Outside Dog Novel Summary/ Character change Analysis Sebastien Guillen Summary The Outside dog is a book by Charlotte Pomerantz about a little girl named Marisol that lives with her grandpa on the side of a mountain in Puerto Rico in a village. On the hill, there are many wild dogs. They have no owners and have lots of fleas. Every day, Grandpa has to drive them off of their yard, and Marisol cannot touch them, so they do not get a flea infestation. One day, Marisol saw a dog, that looked more domesticated than the others. It was clean and it seemed that it wanted to be petted. Intrigued with the dog, Marisol comes and pets the dog while grandpa isn’t looking, but Grandpa notices and tells her to stop and yells…show more content…
Grandpa doesn’t think that Pancho would like a collar around his neck, but he let Marisol put it on him, and he enjoyed it. Later that night when going to bed, they notice Pancho asleep under their Mango tree in their front yard. Grandpa and Marisol can tell that Pancho is growing to like being with them as if they were a family. The next afternoon, after dinner Grandpa notices that Marisol is unhappy when she notices that there are no leftovers. They go to the grocery store to buy food and feed Pancho, and notice that Pancho isn’t there. For the next couple of days, Pancho was not to be seen, they ask neighbors if they have seen Pancho, nobody knows where he has gone. In The middle of the Marisol wakes up to check to see if Pancho is there, and he still isn’t there. On her way back to her room, Marisol runs into Grandpa and asks him what he was doing. It turns out that Grandpa was also looking for Pancho. In the morning they find Pancho at their door waiting for them, and the neighbors come to greet the lost dog. With lots of smiles and laughs. While eating dinner, Grandpa can hear Pancho barking and
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