Macbeth Character Changes

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Macbeth, a conflicted character, changes throughout The Tragedy of Macbeth. The challenge of wanting the title of King of Scotland lives within Macbeth. This caused him to make irrational decisions that eventually lead to his downfall. Deserving respect, craving power, and staying determined are qualities that Macbeth possesses and cycles through during the play. At the start of the play, Macbeth was known as a respectable and honest soldier. He worked under the King of Scotland, Duncan. Multiple characters spoke very highly of him. In the beginning, a battle took place involving an honorable and hardworking soldier, Macbeth. Macbeth and his fellow soldiers were victorious in this battle. Because of this, King Duncan named Macbeth the Thane …show more content…

He quickly learned about his bright future as the Thane of Cawdor and eventually receiving the title of king. His hunger for power forced him to follow through with regretful things throughout the play and switch to a murderous individual. Macbeth no longer showed loyalty to the King. He started his murder streak with the killing of Duncan. At first, he second guessed the bloody murder of his king. However, his wife, Lady Macbeth, talked him into this by calling him a coward and asking if he was a man. To prove to her that he was a strong individual, he followed through with the act of killing King Duncan. This confirms that the pressure of others persuaded Macbeth’s actions. Macbeth wanted the blame to be placed on someone other than himself so the people showed loyalty to him as the new king. In order to successfully gain the people’s respect, he planted the evidence on the guards. Then, he murdered these guards to show the people of Scotland that he was negatively impacted by the death of the king. This demonstrates the manipulative side of …show more content…

He starts as a respectable, honorable soldier under the control of Duncan. Then, the want for power overcame him and attacked the man he once worked for. He went through times of guilt and grief, but still ended the play as a determined and confident man. His personality ends the same way it began, a hardworking and strong soldier who never gave up for anything or anyone. He cycles through different personalities during the play, showing his complexity as a

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