Characteristics And Common Themes Of Boys Books

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What were the characteristics and common themes of the boys' books?
1. First and foremost, there weren't any categories at Eaton Centre Indigo that separated what specific books were for boys and vice versa. Upon further investigation of the books, I noticed that there were certain book covers that signified what gender books was aimed at. Most boy’s book had colours that were solid blue, green, purple, or multicoloured, often with a character that suggested that it was, in fact, a for a male. However, some of them give no clue to what gender the author was targeting unless the spectator skims through the book. Some common themes of these books were bed-time books, adventurous, horror, sports and discovery themes. As stated before, some books give hints which gender is targeted. For example, “the bad guys” or “the boy who changed the world”. …show more content…

2. Although there are no particular categories for boys and girl’s books, some ‘girls’ books can be easily spotted due to the cover design and theme. Often, a ‘girly’ cover implies girly content so that is what my interpretation and data will be based on. Most of the covers for girl books had frilly dress images, makeup and stories that revolved around love, romance and the female character always seem to be soft, feminine and submissive. Most of the books were often pink or designed with bright colours. For example, books such as Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Frozen.
Were any of the books gender neutral? Which ones? How are they Gender

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