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Edward Martin Period 2 24 March 2017 AP Psychology Mr.Franklin “There’s a Boy in Here” AP Psychology Book Report “Autism doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a parent who doesn’t give up.” In the book, “There’s a Boy in Here” by Judy and Sean Barron, Sean is diagnosed with autism(a mental condition portrayed by trouble in conveying and framing associations with other individuals and in utilizing dialect and conceptual ideas) and his mother, Judy Barron, has helped her son overcome the obstacles that have he had to go through his whole entire life. Sean was born in 1960. In the year 1965, Judy and her husband Ron were told that their four year old son Sean was autistic. During this time period, most people would have never heard of …show more content…

He seemed to have this really bad relationship with his mother. When Sean was held by his mother, he felt like a bear caught in a hunting trap; he was twisting and turning trying to escape the arms of Judy(mom). His constant screaming and hatefulness towards his mother became too much for Judy that she had to resort to corporal punishment to try and control his behavior. As time continues, Judy still couldn’t control Sean so she still had to continue spanking Sean and of course, as time passes on, he became even more annoyed of his mother because of this abuse he was …show more content…

Despite having autism, he was able to understand given math problems, knows how to spell words perfectly, and had a pretty big vocabulary for his age. However, he saw a word he didn 't know he got really frustrated. He felt very confused and felt that he was inferior to the other kids for not knowing a few words. His school work was like every other normal kid, about average. When it came to school work that required reasoning, he became utterly confused on the given assignment and decides to give up on it. This shows that Sean wants to be as smart as possible but he decides to block himself from trying to learn things that he can’t comprehend which is a bit understandable considering that this is occurring at such a young age. This behavior of his occurs again when Sean reaches his adolescence. He would ignore the things he didn’t know how to do or understand by either lying saying he knew how to do it or by saying things that were off topic. He was becoming even more aware of this behavior and his parents (Judy and Ron) were afraid he wouldn’t be able to do things like normal kids(drive a car, playing a musical instrument, sports,

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