Characteristics Of An Epic Hero In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is one influential piece of art that inspired many works of literature worldwide. The Odyssey is an epic poem by Homer about a Greek hero, Odysseus, who struggles to return home while his son learns to grow as a man. The reader witnesses Odysseus’ growth on his journey and Telemachus gain knowledge through their experiences. Homer uses dialogue as well as Odysseus' actions to further the reader's understanding of the characteristics of an epic hero.

In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Homer uses dialogue to demonstrate Greek values through his epic hero. Homer uses dialogue to portray his characters' emotions and true meanings to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of what is happening and what is to come in the story. …show more content…

Homers shows leadership through Odysseus’ confidence in his actions: “But I strode down the decks to rouse my crewmen, halting beside each one with a bracing, winning, word” (Homer). Homer also shows leadership through Odysseus’ tendency to brag and take credit: “But even from there my courage, my presence of mind and tactics saved us all” (Homer ). The leadership of Odysseus creates a journey that allowed Homer to explain how an epic hero should act. Homer also displays accountability through Odysseus’ emotions after losing members of his crew in the attack: “Of all the pitiful things I’ve had to witness, suffering, searching out the pathways of the sea, this wrenched my heart the most” (Homer ). This conveys a sense of compassion, empathy, and responsibility that an epic hero should possess. As Odysseus acknowledged his mistakes, he took accountability through his sadness and guilt. With his confident behavior, willingness to take credit, and genuine feelings, Homer exemplifies the characteristics expected of an epic hero through Odysseus. The connotations associated with Odysseus' actions and emotions further amplify the portrayal of a heroic character who embodies leadership, accountability, and

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