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Spencer Young English III Ms. Garlick 10 April 2018 Charles “ Lucky ” Luciano Is Charles “ Lucky” Luciano one of the most notorious Mobsters in New York? He came from a poor immigrant family. He was wise enough to know he did not want to live poorly. (Hammer 5) What he saw in school was how the teachers organized the children with their work in school. He seen a way to make money by protecting the kids from being beaten up to and from school. (Hammer 15) If they did not pay he would rough them up. From being a hoodlum in the streets, to a deadly bootlegger and gambler in town, to finally modernizing the mafia as we know it today. Charles “ Lucky” Luciano is called the biggest mob boss in the United States. Charles “ Lucky” Luciano would prefer to hang around older kids a lot more than the younger ones. He got caught with narcotics and was in a juvenile hall for a half a year. ( When he got out he still dealt with drugs. Charles ‘Lucky” Luciano was called the …show more content…

(Hammer 215) So one night Charles “ Lucky” Luciano was kidnapped, beaten, Stabbed, and left for died. He managed to survive the attach but was left with a big scar on his face and a drooping eye. ( Charles “ Lucky” Luciano found out who was behind the attack on him. So he decided to put out a hit on the mobster behind it. His gang took out the mobster and Lucky took his place in the organization as the main boss of that family. Then there was the other head mobster Lucky needed out of the way so he could be the top boss. ( Lucky came up with away to take the boss out, he had dinner with the mobster but left the room while the hit went down on the mobster. Now Charles “ Lucky” Luciano was the boss of all bosses in New York. (Hammer 354) He changed all the old ways to a better way he wanted the underworld ran.

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