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Leading up to the Normandie's accidental fire that took place on February 9th, 1942 Charles "Lucky" Luciano was serving his sixth year of his 30 to 50 year sentence. Luciano was one of the country’s' most notorious criminals and the so-called father of modern organized crime in the United States. In 1939 when the Normandie arrived in the New York Harbor under the US Navy, Luciano started to plan a way to get released with the help of Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, and Moe Polakoff. Luciano's idea was to create a sabotage incident on the Normandie and then to fix it, so the US Navy would be forced to come to him for his assistance. Luciano would provide help during World War II in exchange for a release from the man who put him behind bars Thomas …show more content…

A couple days after giving Albert Anastasia to go through with, Luciano heard on the radio that the Normandie was on fire and there was no chance of saving it. By March 1942, the Normandie have been destroyed and Luciano was still in jail believing that Anastasia carried out the sabotage scheme, the Navy arranged a meeting and an agreement between the U.S. Navy and the New York Mafia.12 The government started Operation Underworld where Naval Intelligence went to Joseph "Socks" Lanza for assistance on the docks but could not receive help because the docks were Albert Anastasia's territory. The naval officers came to Luciano for help and he agreed to help but with a catch, having a shorter sentence. Thomas E. Dewey agreed to the terms of the agreement but to make it official Luciano had to agree to be deported to Italy which Luciano agreed to because it still meant that he was free.13 On May 12, 1942, Luciano was removed from Dannemora prison and moved to the Great Meadow Correctional Facility, which led up to a one-way ticket to Sicily after his sentence was

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