How Did Al Capone Corrupt In The 1920s

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1920 Corruption Criminal activity in the 1920s advanced vigorously throughout the United States which became publicly witnessed due to the aftermath of the progressive era, resulting in broadcasts, radio, and newspaper. Scandals, such as the Harding Administration Scandal and Teapot Dome Scandal, and illegal activity, such as the gangster Al Capone, became eminent and symbolized corruption of the 1920s. Warren Harding served in office from 1921-1923 as the 29th U.S. President, before dying of a heart attack. His Presidency is famous for scandals and criminal activity orchestrated by some of his cabinet members and officials. Although he was not involved in the scandals, it unfortunately harmed his reputation and was known as a poor president …show more content…

Al Capone successfully cashed in on bootleg. They became the biggest distributor of alcohol in Chicago. Different saloons bought his alcohol, however, if a saloon denied the decision to accept alcohol from them, they would often bombed the saloon. Al Capone would then offer to pay for fixing the place, thus the saloon would owe them. They would repay Al Capone by joing their business.Al Capone was a strategic man that created a succesful business off of manipulation. He made 20 millions dollars a year in sales, prostitution, liquor, and gambling. His wealth additionally, promised protection from the law. He manipulated many people like bribing cops and politicians.In fact, 50% of the Chiacago police work force worked for him ( The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is the most infamous unsolved crime in U.S. history. This day marked Capone’s most notorious killing. On February 14, 1929, four men of Capone entered a garage which occupied 7 men from his rival gang. Two of his four men entered dressed as policemen, fooling the seven men into thinking it was a police raid, resulting in the drop of their weapons and rise of their arms. Capone men fired more than 150 bullets into their victims ( It was the bloodiest day in mob history and no one was ever convicted for the

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