Charles Murray Are Too Many People Going To College Analysis

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In “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, Charles Murray writes, “Today, if you do not get a B.A., many people assume it is because you are too dumb or too lazy” (253). Basically, Murray is chastising the social norm for a young adult to get a college degree. Though I concede that expectations to go to college put on by counselors, parents, and the media are way too much, I still insist that everyone should be able to go to college regardless as it is financially beneficial and provides a unique perspective of the world. Although Murray puts up a good defense of how America infatuation with a college degree can lead to a class disparity, the author lacks the practicality of Core Knowledge, consideration of how a college education has its intrinsic and monetary merits that students can get by completing a degree, and an opposing view that a college degree does not necessarily lessen the…show more content…
makes more than the average person without a B.A., getting a B.A. is still going to be the wrong economic decision for many high-school graduates” (209). Although I agree with Murray on a few examples, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that he made his opinion on the basis that much of high-schoolers should not attempt to aim to get a college degree due to being intellectually or fiscally incapable of getting one. Moreover, I believe that high schoolers should be encouraged to go beyond what they think is capable as it is often worth the effort reap the financial benefits of a college degree. Murray maintains, “The increase in wealth in American society has increased the demand for all sorts of craftsmanship” (247). From Murray’s claim, I do agree that there has become a rising demand for skilled workers. On the other hand, I feel that training and vocational schools do not give as much flexibility in learning other majors as it narrowly focuses on the degree with no general education
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