Charles Wiggins: A Short Story

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It was a normal Monday for Charles Wiggins. He woke up, got out of bed, and went downstairs to eat some breakfast.

His mom said, “Hey bedhead.”

He replied, “Good morning Mom,” as he yawned.

He ate a quick Frosted Flakes breakfast, then ran up to his room to get dressed. Then he ran back downstairs to feel how the weather was outside. Of course, it was freezing cold. So cold, he thought he lived at the North Pole.

As the bus came to a stop at his house, he ran outside to hop on to the bus. He thought in his head that was one more day closer to the end of the year. So now it was school time and he had to focus on making the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society).

He jumped off the bus and walked into school were he then ran into …show more content…

Nick and Charles tiptoed back to classroom as silent as a mice. They didn’t want to get in any trouble. Charles couldn’t really keep a secret so he had to tell the teacher about this situation and Nick had his back. Charles was too scared to tell the teacher so he asked Nick if he could explain. The teacher understood but said that Charles had to go to the office because he was a suspect. Charles knows what happened and also knows that he was most likely to get in trouble by the principal and parents. As Charles walked into the room he saw Tyler and his group of friends sitting in the chairs. A teacher must of found out that they were smoking. Tyler looked like he was going to kill someone and his group of friends were about to …show more content…

Then he tells me to come the farthest bathroom and meet him their. He never told me his friends were going to be there so I decided to come. After that all the kids in their brought out their lighters. I ask Tyler if i can leave and he says no and explained to me that taking one cigarette isn’t going to kill me so I did. Lastly I only smoked one while the rest smoked probably around 3-4. Once I left I was either going to the office or back to my classroom. Than the next thing you know I ran into Nick. He calmed me down and we went back to the

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