Personal Experience: My Most Important Lessons Learned

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The most important lesson I have learned was on a day my friends and I got into something we should not have. We were all trembling with fear, and we had a load of trouble ahead. It was January 16th, ten days before my birthday, when I would turn 14 years old.
The night before I had made my mistake was a very eventful night. I didn’t know if I had school the next day or not because of the snow, so I took a risk and stayed up really late. It turned out we did have school, so early in the morning I got up and started getting my things ready for school, and then headed down to the bus stop.
I got to my first Period, and immediately put my head down trying to get some sleep. It was almost instant that I was asleep, but I guess it was too obvious. The teacher saw me, and called me out in front of the class for sleeping. I was embarrassed, but not for very long because I fell right back asleep.
As the day went on, it seemed like it kept getting more and more boring. But thankfully gym was 6th period, and we were in history learning about the World War. In gym we were going to have free play. Most people played basketball, but some people played volleyball too. By now the bell was about to ring, so I packed my …show more content…

My friend told me somebody saw us skipping outside of the school, and that we would probably be called down to the office later in the day to be questioned. My friend and I got scared because we did not want to go to the office alone, so we decided to go together and tell them what we did when we got to school. Telling them everything, they believed us (participial). That was good because we were honest. But since it was our first time, all we got was a warning. I was very thankful for not getting a punishment, and so were my friends. After we finished talking (absolute), we walked to our 1st period with relief that we didn’t get into

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