Charlie Brown Christmas Play Analysis

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On November 26, 2016, I attended the Emerald City Theatre Company production of Charles M. Schulz play Charlie Brown Christmas.The production of the play was great for the children who were in attends of the play.The production took away the 4th wall.Which help the children of the audiences be a part of the play a couple of times.Still, it 's a good and time-efficient choice for family members who are used to the animated Charlie Brown and wanting it to be the same as the TV special. The productions of this play were successful through stage design, lighting crewing, and acting. Those three aspects made the quality of the play stand out to me, as an audience member. The production of the set design of the play was a good effort. The set design for the play staging aims for the sweet spot between feeding adult nostalgia and satisfying a new generation of children. The result is a sweetly earnest endeavor that does not quite overcome the challenge of substituting real actors for the animated originals. It 's difficult to recreate the dreamlike magic of the kids playing crack the whip on a stage.The set had all the scene designs on together, whether it …show more content…

The lighting crew, for the production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, set everything together so people to know what to look at on stage. Using different lighting tools to create stars, snow, and mood. Another use of lighting was making the spear that was hanging up in the sky change. When it was orange it was daytime, when it was blue it was night, and black means they were inside. The color change really helps the audiences know when and where everything that was going on since all the scenic design was all on stage together. The lighting really helps with showcasing a Christmas day with Charlie

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