Long Christmas Ride Home Analysis

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Long Christmas Ride Home is a story about a family who goes and sees their Grandmother for the Christmas holiday. The story for the family seems that they need to come to terms with some emotional grief that is associated. During this trip they learn about the problems at hand and try to fix it. It’s so much more than a story of happy times but definitely showcases the sad times and the term of acceptance. For the dialogue I really thought that it was good and it was needed. This was a man who was having an affair with someone and basically in turn made it seem like it was his wife’s fault. To me he seemed not to have any remorse over his actions and that he was okay with the decision. The bringing of God into this play I felt was a very unique style saying that both parents had different outlooks on religion. They all went to a church looking for an answer and I think that answer was acceptance. The children had to accept their dysfunctional family and deal with it in their own way. I think the play had a lot to do with the focus on the hardships that the children might have to face and unfortunately take their feelings into adulthood. I believe …show more content…

Usually in a play it is dramatic and seen as actually humans acting it out, but the style they chose for this type of message is going to be interesting. It’s definitely something you would have to pay close attention to. Reading the play I wasn’t too fond of the parents so viewing it I would hope to have a change of heart for them. Christmas is a time of family and celebration and love, well at least it was growing up for me. I feel like the reason behind doing it on this holiday though has a deeper message. Since Christmas is seen as a time of celebration and love maybe they decided that everyone could come together and learn the true word of love. Sometimes bad things fall apart so greater things can come

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