Inherit The Wind Essay

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Inherit The Wind Essay

They want their audience to consider, The Importance Of Having Multiple Perspectives. They want them to consider this theme because of all the different scenarios that are happening between all the different characters in the story. There are multiple things happening in the book about choosing sides and having the right to think about what you want, without having to worry about getting in trouble from the law or anyone else. At a time of life and death over people’s beliefs, which side will you take to follow? The whole play was based upon the Bible and Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution, and what people thought about it, with the risk of getting in trouble for believing something else other than the Bible. Brady, a school
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The authors of Inherit the Wind, Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence, want their audience to consider the theme of The Importance Of Having Multiple Perspectives, which they show through their characters’ interactions with others.
Drummond: “Do you ever think about things that you do think about? (There is some laughter. But it is dampened by the knowledge and awareness throughout the courtroom, that the trap is about to be sprung.) Isn 't it possible that first day was twenty five hours long? There was no way to measure it, no way to tell could it have been twenty-five hours? (Pause. The entire courtroom seems to lean forward.)” (Pg. 97) Following along throughout the book, this text falls into play with, The Importance Of Having Multiple Perspectives, because Drummond has stated to Brady that if their was no time to measure how long the first day was in the beginning of time, then how was anything else basically told and recorded as a fact? He is questioning Brady on how sure he could be about everything in the Bible. Drummonds interactions to Brady tell that not only seeing as the first day of earth could not have been just 24 hours, because no one has evidence, but only opinions on it, but that Darwin 's theory could be right also. That neither could be wrong, he is just questioning it for
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