The Causes Of Climate Change In Australia

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Climate change is believed to be the biggest issue facing the Earth. It is a long-term change in the Earth’s temperatures and climate (“Climate Change”, Our atmosphere is part of the reason why we can live on Earth with reasonable temperatures. Humans have been emitting unnatural greenhouse gases, like coal, oil, and gas. This is changing the natural systems that take place in our atmosphere. When all these extra gases are released, carbon dioxide stars to accumulate in the atmosphere. Climate change is a global issue because when the temperature of the Earth changes even very slightly, it can cause droughts and our crops can die. This is affecting our food supply. Also, when water levels rise even slightly, it can be very destructive for islands located on the Pacific and Indian oceans. When oceans get warmer, the seawater expands and the water level rises. Climate change is a very big issue for Australia because it makes Australia more prone to fire seasons and heat waves. There has been a significant increase in bushfires and droughts, and these have been associated with climate change. Rising sea levels are also very dangerous for Australia. In this report, I will be further mentioning the causes and impacts of climate change, and solutions for climate change.

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There are natural, as well as unnatural causes of climate change. Natural climate change can be divided into two sections, long-term and short term. One of the

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